57 Films Services creates targeted content for others. This includes branded and corporate content creation and audio-visual communication for safety training and induction, with a focus on high value medium to large corporate clients.


We work with a cross-section of local and multinational companies across Australia to create online safety training solutions. Our approach is to reduce face to face training requirements and to design using adult learning practices to reach key learning objectives, leading to improved and safer practices across businesses.

It’s more crucial than ever to have relevant and engaging safety content. We offer engaging interactive multimedia content across a broad suite of packages from online training modules, safety induction films and updates and campaign strategies.


We have worked with a wide variety of corporate clients including government departments and private businesses of all sizes to create quality media content. Whether for social media, online, event, internal communications or television commercial – we can work with your business to tell that story.


Virtual reality offers a fully immersive way to communicate with your customers and staff. A virtual tour for your tourism attraction, off-site training, event promotion, architecture or site experiences are ways in which VR can be incorporated into your business. We have all the gear and all the ideas – if you’re interested in using VR as part of your internal training or external messaging, please contact us.

If you’d like to see an example of VR, take a tour of the South Australian Riverland! We made this virtual reality tour for Riverland Wine in 2020. Check it out and get in touch if you’re wondering if VR is an option for your company.