Riverland Wine is the first Australian wine region in the world to launch an immersive virtual reality journey – Riverland on the Verge. Using the most remarkable interactive technology, Riverland on the Verge is a globally available virtual reality wine and tourism experience available on both Google Play and Apple App Store.

As this project rolls out, we will see this virtual reality experience featured at the National Wine Centre in Adelaide, and at the Pike River Wine Centre in the Riverland, allowing users to experience this through state-of-the-art Occulus virtual reality goggles. Riverland on the Verge provides a 3D visual experience of this amazing wine region through the use of technology. In both these locations, the virtual reality experience is represented in a visually stunning physical space, allowing the user to enjoy the experience through the latest Virtual Reality goggles.

An exciting wine tourism project like no other, this experience is designed to take virtual travellers on an unforgettable journey to the Riverland wine region. It provides remarkable insight and experience into the wine, food, ecology, and tourism opportunities that this diverse and unique Australian wine region has to offer. Each virtual traveller feels as if they are right there on the river, exploring at their own pace.

To have this experience, visit your App Store and search for the ‘Riverland on the Verge’ App. Then enter your details on the Riverland on the Verge website for your easily assembled 3D goggles to be sent to you for a virtual tour experience of the Riverland, which you can then share with friends and family.

The ‘Riverland on the Verge’ virtual reality initiative was funded by the Australian Government’s Export and Regional Wine Support Package and pirsa, with support from key stakeholders such as wine australia, uniofadelaide, martins brandhouse.