The benefits of online and self paced learning

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from online learning. There are a ton of benefits to taking your training online, in the COVID era of remote work, online communications have become even more essential to a smoothly run organisation than ever before. By taking your training online, you can ensure you have consistency across the training presentations, regardless of the number of staff. 

Online training also results in a long term cost reduction for the business, through the creation of a consolidated knowledge bank of training modules and materials. This means that the organisation is less dependent on an individual or team to facilitate training, it is all online in one place and can be accessed by whoever is necessary.

E-learning can be used to communicate company values and to help shape the corporate culture, change perceptions around issues and biases and meet legislative requirements as well as address meaningful issues. It’s great as an induction tool, and for ongoing personal development to upskill employees.

Online learning can also be more effective than in-person training. We use adult learning practices to design courses to key learning objectives which helps staff to receive more thorough training and retain the knowledge. The key to unlocking a captivated audience and a great recall is strong storytelling. Using a variety of methods including virtual reality can assist your staff to be properly trained, motivated and safe.

Whether you’re looking at safety and induction, educational or cultural awareness training, we can help tailor training to your needs. We work in collaboration with you to create training that works!