In 2019, 57 Films spent time in China working on a collaborative project with 3 Film Work, a female-led production company based in Chengdu, Sichuan. Paul Ryan and Tao Yu along with cinematographer Aaron Gully travelled to Chengdu to facilitate the project, which was for the promotion of rapeseed oil and food culture in Sichuan cuisine. Some of the ancient traditions of pressing the oil are still practised hundreds of years later which was incredibly special to document.

The filming happened across four seasons at various locations in and around the city of Chengdu. During the project, we hired Chinese gaffers and grips to be part of the production team and on one of our shoots, the team drove 10 hours from Chengdu to visit a traditional community. Projects like one this enable us to create a beautiful, top-quality piece of storytelling which is one thing we are really passionate about here.

57 Films is able to provide bilingual production services in China and Australia to ensure efficient communication before, during, and after the shoot. If you’d like to chat about what 57 Films can do for your business in the Chinese/Australian market, please get in touch with us.